“Comedian Big A” Has lived a dual life as a Class Clown and one of the most gifted students on every campus from elementary, middle, high school and college. He has won awards as the class clown while being the brightest everywhere he went. He started out hosting Pep Rally’s regularly, working the morning T.V shows on campus as an anchor in Middle School (Crystal Lake Middle); Alfred knew how to work for a crowd at a young age! He then went onto college competing in and winning multiple Talent shows while playing Football at Arkansas State. Alfred saw a bright future in comedy, so he begins to create skits with his team friends, hosting events on campus bringing the fun and jokes to the stage and writing constantly. Once he graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering, he moved to South Florida and starting knocking at the Improv’s doors then traveled to California, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia performing everywhere. Alfred then made his National Television Debut on John Walsh’s show “America’s Most Wanted” re-enacting crime scenes. That was not it, Alfred started to open up for big acts all across South Florida;

He began to get Standing ovations, show after show Alfred then realized that he could compete as a comedian but most importantly do what he love as a career which is to make people LAUGH! Comedian Big A has a family of 3 his wife and two kids which he loves making laugh primarily every day! Alfred Background is Haitian and has wonderful supporting parents Alphonse and Paula Louis who believes their son is special overall.

Today Alfred has been practicing different acting techniques on his journey to becoming one of the greatest actors in this day and age and to incorporate everything in his hilarious, energetic, and enthusiastic set he does so well about his Haitian/American Life and much more. Catch comedian Big A Live and witness his natural improvisation skills that fans adore!



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